Town of Culver concerned about shortage of water

Dave Hudson likes his grass green.

"A lot of people between here and the lake like to go out barefoot, and they don't want scratchy, wire-ry type of grass," Hudson said. "They want it soft, and they want it green."

He owns and manages Bayside Condominium in Culver, and lately, the cost of having a nice, plush lawn

"We went from three days a week to five days a week on water," Hudson said.

That's because the town is coming close to a shortage on water. So much so, that groundwater is being pumped from the local water department 24/7 just to keep up with the demand. The Town Council is worried local water sources could run dry and is encouraging people to conserve.

"We don't want to reach that level," Dave Schoeff, Culver's Town Manager, said. "Because if people need water for whatever reason, then we can't produce it quick enough.

He says the town isn't out of water yet, but if people don't start changing their habits, a ban might have to be put into place.

"They have green grass, and they have pretty flowers. And that's great, we love to see that, but they pay the price as well," Schoeff said.

And for people like Hudson, he's O.K. with limiting his usage. He just wishes the town would've done a better job at conveying the issue.

"The town wants revenue into the water department, so we feel like we're helping the water department," Hudson said. "We write 'em eleven checks a month, and they've never sent them back."



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