Town of Osceola to hold special meeting Friday to discuss emergency services

NOW: Town of Osceola to hold special meeting Friday to discuss emergency services


The Town of Osceola has called a special meeting for Friday, March 31 to discuss the state of the town’s emergency services.

ABC 57 News spoke exclusively Tuesday with District 21 Representative and former Penn Township Firefighter, Timothy Wesco.

“We need to focus on a resolution to this issue. We need to move forward. There’s been misunderstanding, there’s been confusion. There have been issues in the past. But we need to put that all behind us, focus on a resolution and coming together,” said Rep. Wesco.

The town, has nearly $60,000 set aside annually for their emergency services, but somehow their most recent contract with Penn Township fell through.

“The town must take action by April the 4th, to make sure their town is covered. Preferably by Penn Township,” said Rep. Wesco.

In the meantime the Baugo Township Fire Department has agreed to pick up services until April 7.

“The town does have some moneys to contract with Penn Township. I am grateful for providing two weeks, but it does put does put pressure, I think the town does need to view this deadline as firm and does need to take all necessary action to make sure the residents are protected,” said Rep. Wesco.

For over three months, former firefighters and neighbors have stepped forward; saying the board, led by President Debbie Davis, is incompetent and mishandling funds.

Families are also taking to Facebook asking for an audit and for the board to step down or for the town to be annexed to Mishawaka.

Wesco said he has seen those complaints and that his immediate concern continues to be the safety of those who live in Osceola.

“I had urged the town to call a special meeting because I was concerned that if they waited until April the 4th, they wouldn’t have a solution. And they got to have a solution. They have to have a solution by April the 4th.

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