Toxic algae discovered in Potato Creek, officials issue advisory

NOW: Toxic algae discovered in Potato Creek, officials issue advisory

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – An advisory was issued on Friday for Potato Creek State Park after heightened levels of blue-green algae were discovered.

This type of algae is found throughout the world and sunlight is what allows the bacterial algae to thrive.

The algae are typically found in still water, and it can be harmful to humans and animals.

Potato Creek officials say that seven other bodies of water in Indiana are at toxic levels.

“We post on bulletin boards like the one back here the advisory level or whatever level the park is placed at,” Barbara Tibbets, an Interpretive Naturalist for Potato Creek State Park. “We were at the green level most of the summer and now we’re currently at the advisory level of the yellow level which means that after you swim it’s a good idea to go take a shower with some soap.”

Despite the advisory, officials say that it is still safe to swim in Worster Lake, but you should wash yourself off with clean water afterword.

Anyone who brings their pet to Potato Creek are advised to keep them away from the water, as they could become sick if they drink it.

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