Bodycam footage shows traffic stop failed to search vehicle for Bryson Muir

NOW: Bodycam footage shows traffic stop failed to search vehicle for Bryson Muir

Bryson Muir's grandmother called the police in Ohio after the 14-year-old's parents showed up to take him back to Indiana.

She was concerned with injuries to Bryson's face which included a swollen eye and split lip.

She believed the injuries were caused by Bryson's father, former Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman turned pastor, Daniel Muir.

Garfield Heights Police stopped a white Chevrolet Suburban driven by Kristen Muir and registered to the Servant Leader's Foundation, their religious organization.

The officer explained the reason for the traffic stop and claimed the stop was for an assault investigation

There was confusion as to who was assaulted.

In the footage, Kristen claims her mother, Bryson's grandmother, is dramatic and asks to tend to her baby.

Officers keep asking about a 14-year-old girl.

But the real reason for the call to police was Bryson Muir, whose grandmother believed he was abused by his father.

Officers didn't check the vehicle for the injured teen or ask for identification during the stop.

The officer then let the Muirs go, without a thorough search for an abused teen.

Indiana State Police investigated those abuse allegations two days after the traffic stop in Ohio, prompting the department to issue a statewide Silver Alert.

Bryson was found safe on July 3 after his parents were arrested.

The Muirs' next court date is scheduled for November.

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