Transpo speaks out against bill affecting public transit investments

NOW: Transpo speaks out against bill affecting public transit investments

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - South Bend's public transportation agency, Transpo, is speaking out against a bill going through the statehouse that would ban local communities from building dedicated bus lanes.

Transpo says it doesn't have any current projects in the works this would affect, but Senate Bill 52, which will be heard by the full senate Thursday, would stop any local government from having a dedicated lane for public transportation in the future.

Pointing to the hundreds of millions of dollars in federal transportation investments that projects with dedicated lanes could attract, Transpo CEO Amy Hill told ABC57 in part, "This bill poses a serious threat for all public transportation agencies across the state... The bill, as proposed, would take the authority away from local communities and governments to make these types of public transit investments."

Transpo says it's also keeping an eye on Senate Bill 187, which would prohibit free or reduced fares for riders on election day. That bill is still going through committee.

AARP Indiana is also concerned about the bills' effect on older residents.

“Someone’s ability to stay in their homes should not be determined by their ability or desire to drive a car,” AARP Indiana Legislative Director Ambre Marr said. “AARP Indiana strongly supports transit expansion, especially when it means people of all ages can get to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, and see friends and family more easily.”

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