Transpo tests out a new ticketing system

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The South Bend Public Transportation Corporation is testing out a new ticketing system with a pilot program designed to keep people safe. The program starts October 7th and lasts for six months.

The new program comes via the smartphone app Token Transit, giving riders a cash-free and contactless option when taking the bus.

Riders will have the opportunity to buy a ticket in three ways, including a day pass, two-week pass, or a 31-day pass.

Once purchased, a ticket can be activated at any time using the app.

Transpo reports that about 35% of riders use the single day or 31-day passes for their fares, so this new option has them in mind.

“We’re glad to partner with Transpo to expand on what we’ve been able to do with mobile ticketing over the past several months. Access to public transportation has helped many of our program participants with their commute to work, and providing mobile ticketing access to the public will only enhance the impact of Transpo in our community,” said Aaron Steiner, Director of Commuters Trust.

Prices for tickets will be exactly the same in the app as regular paper passes.

Token Transit can be found on Transpo’s website.

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