Trapped in a snow globe

 As a meteorologist, the days when the weather is the worst are some of our longest.  When we are encouraging everyone to stay home and off the roads, we still have to get in to work.  I won't lie.  There have been many times in my career that I wish I could just stay home in my pajamas and watch the storm evolve.  Of course, that will never be the case!

I am on the fence about snow.  Jamie LOVES it.  I would say that I tolerate it.  Each time there is a big snowstorm, there are accidents.  Yes, I realize that snowplow companies, tow trucks and hardware stores survive on the big snowstorms, but it is still scary sometimes braving the elements!

It would be fine with me to get an inch or two every single day.  I do not mind shoveling.  I think snow covered landscapes are gorgeous!  But, icy sidewalks, whiteout conditions and treacherous roads are not my favorite.

When I lived in New Jersey, I got a new car!  It is a Chevy Cobalt.  I love it, but it is not the greatest in the snow.  We did get a few big snowstorms, but whenever it did snow, I took one of our SUV news cars home with me.  In retrospect, I should have bought a truck!  Maybe next time!  I just never imagined I would be BACK in the lake effect snow belt!

Alpena, Michigan was my home for 18 months.  The roads there were better then any other place I have ever been.  I did live five minutes from the station, but the minute it started snowing, the full force of snowplows were out.  It also helped that citizens were allowed to plow main streets too.  Many cities do not allow anyone except the city vehicles to plow.  And, it was great because everyone we knew in town had a truck with a plow.  So, we could call and ask for a ride if we ever felt we needed it!  One night, I got a ride home from the city snowplow!  Our station parking lot was covered in about 18" of snow, and we could not get out!  The plow picked us up on the street!  It was awesome!

Here's wishing for a safe, but snowy (enough to keep everyone in business) 2012!

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