Severe thunderstorms cause damage to a South Bend woman's property

NOW: Severe thunderstorms cause damage to a South Bend woman’s property


SOUTH BEND, Ind.--Monday morning’s severe weather affected several Michiana families. One South Bend woman says she couldn’t even leave her home because a tree fell right on top of her van and house.

Sandra Suski, the homeowner, tells ABC57 she barely escaped coming in contact with the tree.

“I had just gone out, probably five minutes previous, unlocked the door and got my umbrella out, then I went in and finished getting dressed.”

Suski has owned this home for 20 years. She says she can’t believe how her morning started. “I heard this great big thump of thunder and a great big bolt of something and I looked out my window and that’s what I found.”

As she walked toward her window around 8 a.m. on Monday, she saw leaves and branches brushed up against her window and her van destroyed.

“When I opened up the blind all the way that’s when I saw what had happened,” she adds.

Doug’s Mishawaka Tree Service arrived moments after they received pictures from Suski. Doug Whittaker, owner of the company, says now that they’ve cleared the tree there’s a greater worry."

“The biggest thing is the rest of the tree that’s standing, it really should come down. But the homeowner and insurance company have to negotiate that," says Whittaker.

Suski says if it wasn’t for her van being parked between the tree and the house she would have been dealing with greater damage.

“The full force would have been on the house. I would rather it be on the automobile than on the house. I almost finished remodeling it and was going to sell it.”

Thankful and a little shaken up Suski admits although she doesn’t know what’s in store for her this coming week, she’s happy to be alive.

“I’m just thankful,” says Suski. “I know God was on my side because it just stunned me.”

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