Trent Odell on track to be Rochester’s next mayor

ROCHESTER, Ind.-- In a landslide victory, Trent Odell defeated Mayor Ted Denton for his seat as mayor, winning by more than 75% of the Republican vote.  

“I have a lot of hope in the people that are going to be surrounding me with their hope and their passion. So I'm confident we’re going to get some things done,” Odell said.  

Trent Allen Odell is one step closer to being the next mayor of Rochester, winning Tuesday night’s primary by a landslide.  

“When I got the text that the results were going to be coming in soon, my wife and I just kind of slipped out, went over to the courthouse, got the results, and then the Republican chair came back and presented me before the group,” Odell said. “It was just one of those nights you never forget, you know, it was wonderful.”  

Odell defeated Ted Denton, who has held the office for eight years.  

“We were two different styles, how we led,” Odell said. “He was a little more hands-on, oversee every little detail. I'm more of—let my people do their job. A little more relaxed type of leader. And it seemed to resonate. My message seemed to resonate with the people here.”

“I’ve been in Rochester my whole life. I’m 20,” said voter Grady McCall.  

With a background in grain farming, Ddell appeals to many in the small, rural town of Rochester, like McCall.  

“From what I've seen, compared to what we’ve had in the past, he’s got a great farming background,” he said. “Great support for a community that’s farming-based.”

Odell said he has his work cut out for him, but he’s excited about what could come from his career as mayor.  

“With all the things we have going for us, this community, the wonderful people, there’s so much potential here, and we need to tap into that, quickly,” he said.  

He said he hopes to revitalize parts of town, capitalizing on the corridor created by US 31.

“There just hasn’t been much business growth at all,” Odell said. “In fact, we’ve probably lost more business in the last eight to 10 years than we’ve gained.”

As of right now, there is no Democratic opponent for mayor this November.  

Ted Denton declined an interview with ABC57 but posted on Facebook Wednesday morning saying thank you to his family, friends and supporters for the last eight years in office.  

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