Tri-Way Drive-In Theater hosts Garth Brooks virtual concert

NOW: Tri-Way Drive-In Theater hosts Garth Brooks virtual concert

PLYMOUTH, Ind.-- Tri-Way Drive-In Theater has kept their business running through the COVID-19 pandemic, providing folks a chance to social distance in their vehicles and watch a movie in the lawn, and today was a huge night for not just guests, but the theater as well.

For this Saturday only, country singer and songwriter Garth Brooks performed a virtual concert at over 300 drive-in theaters across North America, one of those theaters, being Tri-Way.

Tri-Way owner David Kinney said that this concert performance is an exciting one for the them.

“The idea came up that how about having some concerts on screen and I thought that would be great,” Kinney said.

“This is the first one that we’re having in terms of Garth Brooks On the screen and hopefully it’s going to be a success.”

Each ticket for the concert went for 100 bucks per carload, and Kinney said the concert is a win-win for fans and for business with over 200 tickets sold!

“With the movie company’s not releasing any new movies at this time, we are having to use other means to try and create a little extra income,” Kinney said.

Although Tri-Way strives for everyone to enjoy their time at the drive-in, Kinney said that they will not let their guard down with social distancing guidelines.

“I have to make sure that everybody is being cautious and that we don’t let our guard down because this is still quite a serious thing that’s going on,” Kinney said.

This is the first of many virtual concerts coming to the Tri-Way screen and they're hopeful people will continue to come out for some fun under the stars.

“It’s one thing to watch a concert on TV or on a computer screen, it’s a completely different experience watching it on the big screen,” Kinney said.

“It gives them a chance to go out and enjoy a movie under the stars”

Kinney said that it’s unknown who will take the virtual stage next at Tri-Way, but in the meantime, that there are always movies for people to come out and see.

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