Tri-Way Drive-in Theatre in Plymouth set to reopen

NOW: Tri-Way Drive-in Theatre in Plymouth set to reopen

PLYMOUTH, Ind. – The Tri-Way Drive-in Theatre located in Plymouth announced that they will be reopening on Friday while also complying with Indiana’s social distancing guidelines.

Tri-Way says that movie-goers will be required to wear face masks, and each pole will be limited to one vehicle (verses the normal two cars per pole rule).

Furthermore, everyone must remain in their vehicle with the exception of SUVs opening their back hatch.

Also, concessions will be offered through an outside carry out window. Anyone waiting in line must stand 6 feet apart from each other.

Restroom stalls will be roped off and anyone using the restroom is asked to wash their hands before and after they go.

The owner of Tri-Way, David Kinney, spoke to ABC57 and he says his top priority is to follow Governor Holcomb's orders. However, Kinney also says that some clarification was needed from the Governor.

“It was just a matter of miscommunication and clarifying some things in terms of how I was going to operate and I wasn’t going to operate like the drive in normally does,” Kinney said. “I was going to have every safety factor taken into consideration.”

Kinney says he expects there to be a large crowd of people that will show up and he thinks that not everyone will able to attend a showing.

“I have a gut feeling that we’re going to be very busy because of the weather this weekend,” Kinney also said, “and yeah there’s a strong possibility that we’re going to have to turn people away because again we’re going to be operating at half capacity.”

The films that are playing at Tri-Way include Trolls Little World, Dolittle, The Invisible Man and The Hunt.

Films will begin playing around 8:30 p.m. on Friday.

Tri-Way will also be open on Saturday and they will consider opening on Sunday if everything goes well.

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