Trial starts for woman whose children died after being found in car trunk

ST. JOSEPH, Ind. -- Jury selection started Monday for the woman whose two young sons died after being found inside her car trunk on a hot summer day in June 2011.

25-year-old Jacqueline Wilk is facing neglect charges.

There were 53 potential jurors summoned for duty Monday morning. It took three rounds of intense questioning and four hours before 12 jurors and two alternates were seated.

Attorneys tried to weed out jurors who could be overcome quickly by emotions, anger or sympathy for the facts involving this case.

Wilk was 23 on June 17, 2011 when her 2-year old son Isaac Dunner Jr., and 4-year old Dominick Wilk were found trapped inside her car trunk which was parked in her parent's driveway.

She has been free on bond since she was indicted by a grand jury in May of 2012.

After seating the jury, both St. Joseph County Deputy Prosecutor Msrk Roule and defense attorney Charles Lahey  presented their opening statements.

Wilk faces a maximum of 50 years behind bars for each of the 2 class A felony count of neglect of a dependent charges.

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