Truckers, police fight human trafficking

It’s a partnership you wouldn’t expect.

This week, truck drivers and state officers from Michigan and Indiana are coming together to fight what they are calling one of the most destructive crimes in the world.

Michigan State Police say truck drivers are the eyes and ears of the highway.

Why’s that important? Believe it or not, truck stops are a prime spot for sex trafficking.

This week, carrier officers with Michigan State Police are passing out posters at local truck stops and rest areas.

The posters are meant to bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking.

Police say human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery, which is why they are calling on their fellow citizens, and specifically truck drivers, to help spread awareness.

“Truck stops are a unique opportunity for prostitution and sex trafficking because there’s a high number of potential customers that are constantly rotating. Truck drivers coming and going, a pimp has high client base potential that’s coming from out of state and constantly moving,” said Michigan State Police Motor Carrier Officer Joshua Ashlocek.

State officers are also offering free training at those stops to employees to help bring awareness to the problem.

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