Truman's closes its doors

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Well, Saturday night was the last time you could “drag” yourself down to Truman’s in Mishawaka.

The local gay bar hosted its last drag show.

Financial difficulties are forcing the owner to shut down.

There were several fundraisers to try and help save Truman’s, but none of them met the $150,000 needed to avoid foreclosure.

Truman's Bar Manager Ashley Kelley got teary-eyed talking about the closing of her “home”.

“It’s more than just a bar. It is my family," said Kelley.

She said many of her customers, gay and straight, call this place home as well.

“My main concern was where are my customers going to go," said Kelley.

“I feel sad for the younger gays in our community," said Truman Show Director, Bradley Beauguard.

Beaugaurd also worries about the gay community, because he said there is not a club in town that is as accepting as Truman’s.

“We have gays, straights, bi’s. I don’t believe in labels. I believe in love," said Beauguard.

But Beauguard said even though Truman’s in out of business, at least they will go out with a bang.

“You can’t keep a good queen down," said Beauguard.

The owner also said he has been looking at smaller spaces in town to see if eventually he can reopen Truman’s at another location.

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