Trump Administration reveals demands in exchange for DACA program

NOW: Trump Administration reveals demands in exchange for DACA program

SOUTH BEND, Ind.- Over the weekend the Trump Administration explained what they want in an exchange for an updated DACA program.

That program legally protects undocumented children brought into the country by their parents.

Attorney Cecilia Monterrosa, who has been practicing immigration law for three years, says this is what President Donald Trump wanted since the beginning.

“He wants to defund states and communities that protect immigrants, he wants to continue talking about this border wall even though it’s already been known that it’s too expensive and doesn’t work,” says Monterrosa.

On Sunday Trump’s Administration delivered a list of immigration measures they want in order to grant legal status to the 800,000 young immigrants who were brought here illegally as children.

“The needs of the country as of now is to do something about the individuals that are already here and maintain proper immigration laws that would allow for individuals that do want to immigrate here,” says Monterrosa.

She adds some of those measures go against the constitution, for example Trump’s immigration-based points system.

“It’s based more on employment and skills instead of a more family based immigration system, but that’s the fundamentals of immigration law, to keep families together.”

Democrats have said this negotiation is off the table since these individuals are protected under Obama’s DACA program.

Community activist Sam Centellas adds these individuals are being used as collateral.

“They are becoming a negotiating piece, which is really unfortunate to turn lives into bargaining chips at the table to try and get some reform done,” says Centellas.

Monterrosa says local laws have to be looked at as well, “You’re driving without a license. You’ve been charged and convicted and then the immigration statistics are correct. Yes, they are a criminal because they drove without a license.”

Monterrosa says the good is that the conversation has started; the bad is in the negotiations

“Although it’s congress that has to move forward the president is saying he’s not going to sign if this and that is not included.”

“We're probably going to go backward, if we don't figure out a path forward soon,” says Centellas.

Another thing on Trump’s list of immigration policies is tighter security on those seeking asylum; something Attorney Monterrosa says is covered under humanitarian rights.

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