Trying to avoid using air conditioning as warm temperatures continue

NOW: Trying to avoid using air conditioning as warm temperatures continue

 After a few cool days to start the season, fall seems far away as October knocks on our door.

Highs fell just short of 90 degrees across Michiana on Monday. You may have even turned on the air conditioning again (no shame if you did).

The warm weather has not slowed down this September. In fact, if you were hoping for a big drop in your electric bill now that fall is here, you might be in for a surprise. 

One way we put temperatures into perspective is by a statistic called "degree days." We take the average daily temperature and compare it to a standard (for Michiana, that number is 65 degrees). The more extreme a temperature is, the higher number of degree days there are on a particular day. Most importantly (for your wallet): the higher number of degree days generally means the more energy you are using to heat or cool your residence. 

While last September likely made your energy bill a relative breeze, this September has been the complete opposite. South Bend's September cooling degree days (CDD) are more than double the normal amount, with still a few days to add to that total.

 And, the warm weather doesn't show many signs of stopping. Highs will continue to be above-normal as we end September.

Above-normal temperatures are favored into the first half of October as well.

Michiana does have ONE thing going for us that could save you some money. Our nighttime temperatures will fall into the 50s, which should give your place a chance to naturally cool off overnight. 

However, during the warm afternoons, your A/C might still need to put in some work, even into the start of October. 

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