Twin infant boys recovering after father charged for shaking them

NOW: Twin infant boys recovering after father charged for shaking them

OSCEOLA, Ind. -- Two Osceola twin boys are now almost fully recovered after suffering severe injuries, after their father allegedly shook them.

ABC57 News first shared the story of the arrest and charges in April. 

Now, the mother of the boys, Elizabeth Willett, is speaking out. 

"Jensen had two brain bleeds, some retinal bleeding, and then he had one broken rib. Cooper had multiple brain bleeds and multiple rib fractures," she explains. "Cooper had two burr holes and two drains."

You'd never know it by looking at these almost six-month old twins, but almost three months ago, they were suffering. 

Investigators say their extensive injuries were from the hands of their father, 21-year-old Matthew Willett.

"My first thought would not have been that Matt did it," Elizabeth says. "[That] he had shaken them and squeezed them. 

She still can't wrap her mind around what happened.

"I didn't expect to read any of the things I read. I just didn't expect that from him," she explains. "[He's] been such a loving husband. I think that's what hurt the most when it all happened."

As she sat in Riley Children's Hospital, watching Cooper recover from surgery, she says, she saw too many other shaken babies.

"There are kids that are like bed ridden from so much damage. Cooper is very lucky he didn't have damage like that, because he's going to be perfectly fine," Elizabeth says. 

Cooper and Jensen are now two happy, gurgling babies. 

At one point, it was believed that Jensen would have possible vision loss. That retinal bleeding has subsided to the point where he may need glasses before turning a year old.

Coopers surgery scars are barely visible. 

But Elizabeth believes this troubling trend won't stop, until people really think before having children. 

"People are just having kids way too early when they're not ready, and they're not dealing with whatever is going on inside," she says. "People who do that kind of thing don't need prison time, they need help."

Willett's next court date is set for July 30th. 

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