Two filmmakers preserving Father Hesburgh’s legacy in new documentary

NOW: Two filmmakers preserving Father Hesburgh’s legacy in new documentary

NOTRE DAME, Ind.—Father Theodore Hesburgh’s impact on the University of Notre Dame has always been strong and now, a pair of filmmakers want to make sure his legacy lives on in future generations.

“I should warn your viewers, there’s not nearly as much football in the Hesburgh films as there was in our ’30 for 30: Catholics vs. Convicts.,” the documentary's director, Patrick Creadon said.

Notre Dame alums Creadon and Jerry Barca are preserving a different piece of Notre Dame history this time.

““I realized that his story was just going to fade away. Certainly not within the Notre Dame community, but outside the Notre Dame community people were quickly forgetting who he was and what he meant,” Creadon said.

Creadon was faced with multiple challenges long before he brought Notre Dame’s larger-than-life legend to the big screen.

“We are making a film about a catholic priest in 2019 who has been gone now for several years. And he’s been off the public’s radar for a long time, 20 to 30 years. How do we make that relevant. How do we make that vibrant. How do we bring that story to life,” Creadon said.

“Hesburgh” made its debut in theaters this past spring and the DVD was just released this week.

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