Two months after Elkhart deadly hit-and-run, family is looking for closure

NOW: Two months after Elkhart deadly hit-and-run, family is looking for closure

ELKHART, Ind.- Exactly 2 months after it happened the Elkhart community remains in shock. After the city´s hit-and-run, police still don’t have a suspect in custody.

The victims of this accident 22-year-old Shawn Wilcott, 11-year-old Courtney Smith and 8-month-old Dolly Smith were the ones who tragically died because of this incident.

The two others Bradley Smith and Allison Mikel survived.

The family says the investigation is still on hold with no suspect in custody. “We’re left in the dark,” says Yvonne Thomas, 8-month-old Dolly’s grandmother. “We don’t know how to move forward or what they’re actually doing or what can we do if anything.”

Since the accident Thomas has been counting down the days for justice and still nothing from investigators.

“I went from weekly updates of my granddaughter reach 8 months and now it’s a countdown from the day she was murdered,” says Thomas.

Two months ago, on Thursday, a family was walking down this side of the street when the driver of a Cadillac hit all of them leaving two injured and three dead. Now, the family is saying every day that goes by is a day without closure.

“There is no closure. There is none,” says Thomas. “We have the vehicle we have everything lined up why is it taking so long?”

Elkhart PD confirmed they found the vehicle of the suspect at Yellow Dog Extrusions but have not yet named a suspect.

“It makes me sick there are people that murdered an 8 month old and go to work every day and be with their own families while we wait for justice.”

All that Thomas could say is, “It’s not fair.“ As a matter of fact she was looking forward to Dolly’s first Halloween.

“I saw this costume for a baby dressed as a chicken online, and it was so cute I just couldn’t take it,” says Thomas. “I had to send it back because she’ll never be able to wear it.”

Dolly’s first birthday would have been December 16th; Thomas says she plans on spending that day with her daughter, Dolly’s mother, remembering their sweet little girl.


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