Two more deaths in fungal meningitis outbreak

MICHIGAN — State health officials in Michigan have confirmed two more deaths from the deadly fungal meningitis outbreak. The outbreak is linked to tainted steroids used to treat neck and back pain.

Officials in Michigan say that a 64-year-old woman and a 75-year-man from Livingston County, Michigan died from these tainted steroids.

The latest numbers from the CDC say that here has been 264 cases in Michigan and 22 deaths across the state.

And in Indiana there have been 91 cases with 10 deaths.

On the national level there have been 749 cases and 61 deaths.

According to the CDC, the fungal meningitis outbreak has been linked to steroids made in a Massachusetts based pharmacy.

Those tainted steroids have been shipped to at least four different Michigan clinics and several in Indiana.

There are several treatments available for those who are infected. However, they are costly and the cost can up to $6,000 a month for treatment.

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