Up and coming pizza brand on a mission

An up and coming pizza brand in Michiana hopes to do more than just satisfy the stomach. They hope to use their brand to give back.

Holy Smokes Pizza first started in the kitchen of St. Paul's Memorial United Methodist Church a couple years ago. Pizza makers were in the kitchen experimenting with different ingredients and recipes when they made the first Holy Smokes Pizza.

The pizza brand is really starting to get off the ground now. “We’re hoping that we can do things for other people. Do things for this church since obviously we’re here using the church,” said Dennis Bennett, Holy Smokes Pizza Connoisseur

Their ultimate goal is to use the money made from pizza sells to help fix up the 113 year old church, as well as give back to local charities.

Jerry Aufrance is the Head Cook and said, "we look to do for certain charities maybe the Christ child, abuse children, things like that, breast cancer research.”

The church was built and funded by the Studebaker's so Bennett and Aufrance hope to use the brand to connect with people and make a difference, continuing the Studebaker mission of giving back.

“Even if we get people in our church that don’t come to our church, if they understand the concept of love and what love does for you,” Aufrance.

Holy Smokes Pizza will hold their first pizza fundraiser at St. Paul's UMC on Saturday, February 27th. To learn more, click here.

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