UPDATE: Jury selected for Terry Sturgis trial

ST. JOSEPH CO., Ind. – The 14 juror seats were assigned on Tuesday night for the Terry Sturgis murder trial.

12 will serve on the jury along with two alternates.

Nine women will serve in the jury box along with five men.

Terry Sturgis is accused of beating his 10-year-old son, Tramelle, to death.

The jury selection began on Monday and continued into Tuesday.

Jurors were individually interviewed by the judge and attorneys in the first rounds.

Then Tuesday afternoon all 34 potential jurors that passed on from the earlier sessions met to continue the selection process.

The attorneys continued by breaking the potential jurors into three groups: two of 14 people, and one of six people.

They continued to question the potential jurors about themselves and how they felt about serving on the jury until the final decision was reached.

Two other interesting things happened in the courtroom on Tuesday.

First the judge dismissed potential jurors who had knowledge of Sturgis’ attempted guilty plea.

Also there was another discussion of Sturgis’ appearance for the second day in a row.

Sturgis has been on suicide watch so he wasn’t allowed have a haircut or shave.

It was decided on Monday, that since he is now on trial he should have access to both, but when Sturgis walked into the courtroom Tuesday he still hadn’t.

His lawyer said he was surprised to see him that way and made an objection to continuing until he could see the barber.

His attorney Jeff Kimmel said, "There’s a right to look presentable."

Sturgis said in the courtroom that was given access to a dull razor, but he said he was afraid to use it.

"If I cut myself they’ll say I’m trying to kill myself," said Sturgis.

The judge overruled the objection, but did arrange for Sturgis to be transported back to the facility for a haircut and shave in between the morning and afternoon session.

Sturgis showed up clean shaven for the afternoon session of jury selection on Tuesday.

The attorneys will begin their presentations on Thursday morning.

The trial is expected to continue through the late part of the following week.


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