UPDATE: Last cow on the loose rounded up

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- Late Tuesday morning, a semi-truck rolled over on State Road 23 and Lath Trail in St. Joseph County, near the Crumstown intersection. The truck was carrying about 100 cattle.

Forty of the cows scattered from the accident. It took emergency crews and farmers more than three hours to round them all up.

“A few came in this way a couple came on the other side of the property,” says Angie Martin. She kept her eyes out on her uncle's nearby property to help crews trying to catch the loose cattle.

Martin has seen accidents happen at Three Mile Turn, the intersection where the wreck happened, Near Crumstown Highway and Lathe Road. “People go around it too fast but this would have to be the first time cattle have been wandering the field because of an overturned truck," she says.

“They get out from time to time but not 101 cattle,” says Daniel Foresman, a nearby farmer who thought it was his friends' cows that got loose. 

Foresman didn't hesitate to bring his truck and help out. “I know if it was my cattle getting out he’d be up there helping me,” he says. Foresman and several other nearby farmers brought their own equipment and volunteered to help the emergency crews.  

Ten cattle were killed in the crash and three were put down by the Saint Joseph County Humane Society. The surviving cows were taken to a nearby farm until they can be picked up.

The truck was transporting the cows from Illinois to Kansas. The driver was taken to the hospital with a sore back.


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