UPDATE: Man Surrenders in standoff after 14 hours

CASS COUNTY, IND. -- Police in Cass County were engaged in a standoff with a forty-two-year-old man with a gun. 

Police say Mike Long was held up in his home with a gun for 13 hours.  Police had been trying to get Long to come out peacefully since 9 a.m. Monday morning.

“Mike come out. This will be over. Come out. I’ll get through this with you," said friend Joanie Peterson.

Peterson, a friend of Mike Long’s, agreed to talk with ABC 57 as long as her face was not shown.  She has been anxiously waiting for news from police that Mike is okay.

“I am terrified absolutely terrified," said Peterson. "He is a great man and he doesn’t deserve to be where he is at right now." 

Peterson said Long just went through a divorce after 22 years of marriage and she thinks it pushed him over the edge.

“He is in despair and he is broken,"said Peterson.

Peterson got a text message from him at 5:30 Monday morning, saying “You are great just always know that”.  She thinks it was his way of saying goodbye.  She said she wishes police would let her reason with him.

“I wish they would let me talk to him. If they would let me talk to him. I could probably get him to come out," said Peterson.

Mike Long dropped the gun and surrendered around 11:30 P.M. Monday after over 14 hours.

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