UPDATE: Missing 22-year-old found

Update: After someone saw ABC57's report on Thursday, Bethany White was identified and taken in for evaluation. She will be returned to her family. 

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This Thanksgiving one South Bend family is hoping their missing loved one will come home. 22-year-old Bethany White was reported as a missing person to police on Monday night. 

According to White’s family she left her group home in Rum Village around 10’o’clock Monday and hasn’t been seen all week.

Turnia Hoover said her sister suffers from bipolar disorder and they fear for the worst because she has no money or means of communication. 

Hoover said, “We lost my grandfather earlier this year, he passed away and you always think the worst. You don’t know where she is. We haven’t had any contact with her.”

Hoover wiped away tears as she explained that it has been a tough time for her family. 

Hoover said, “You hear all the stories on the news and you never think that it’s really going to happen to your family."

Hoover believes White is without her medication and may be disoriented. 

Hoover said, “She has left from the group home before, but only for a couple hours, a few hours at a time. She’s always been in contact with the family and she always went back.”

This time it’s different. White has been gone for three straight days and she has not had contact with anyone according to her sister.

Hoover said, "The police had checked the local shelters, had given descriptions, there was no luck there so we have exhausted those measures.”

Hoover wonders if her sister left the group home with a male who used to be in the program. 

Hoover said, “We want to know that she’s safe and we want her back home where she’s in a protected environment and we know that she’s being taken care of.”

If you know where Bethany White is call the South Bend Police Department 574-235-9201.

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