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UPDATE: Niles metalforming plant may shut down because of back taxes

NILES, Mich. -- It appears a business that has been a mainstay in Niles for decades is shutting down.

Hess Industries received notice that its property would be seized for failure to pay property taxes.

Employees said as a result of the financial troubles, they were told to take their personal belongings and get out.

ABC 57's Jessie McDonough has been doing some digging in this story. She just sent back a 'warrant of distraint'.

The document cites that Hess Industries has delinquent personal property taxes in the amount of $14,733.90. The Township of Milton will "levy upon and seize personal property" if taxes are not paid current within 36 hours.

To review the document, click here.

Employees said there are still millions of dollars in finished products inside, waiting to be shipped. Hess specializes in making metal-making machines.

According to its website, Hess Industries is a manufacturing facility that has been headquartered in Niles for at least 30 years.

We will have a full report coming up in later editions of ABC 57 News.

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