UPDATE: NIPSCO investigating flood damage in South Bend home basement

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- After weeks of complaining, and a couple of calls from ABC 57 News, a local utility company is now investigating flood damage at a South Bend home.

NIPSCO went out to a house on Diamond Avenue with a plumber. They wanted to determine if the company is responsible for an elderly woman’s basement flooding.

She said NIPSCO did some work outside of her house leading to the damage. The plumber found roots inside some pipes that were similar to roots NIPSCO had pulled out of the ground.

"We had a plumber and our engineer and one of our inspectors come out to the site, the pipeline the sewer line,” said Angie Nelsen. “This flood complaint will go to NIPSCO’s claims department.

Nelsen said if it's the company's fault, they'll take care of it.

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