UPDATE: Police release name of suspect arrested for food mart break-in

ELKHART, Ind. -- Elkhart police are now releasing the name of a man who police arrested in connection to a early morning food mart robbery.

22-year-old Brian Johnson is facing felony burglary charges and additional charges for resisting law enforcement.

While around 5,600 homes and businesses were without power, the Sunny Side Food Mart was robbed, leading to a police chase on foot and an arrest.

Arresting officer Jacqueline Barth said she was driving by the store when she heard an alarm, saw broken glass, and a suspected robber leaving the store.

She caught Johnson on the 200-block of West Indiana while eight other officers also set up a perimeter nearby. A K-9 unit was also there to help.

"When the lights go out, people think businesses don't have alarms and stuff like this happens," said Barth.

According to Lt. Todd Thayer, there were also several other robberies during Thursday morning's power outage. He said Elkhart police increase their patrols during outages, and robberies are usually expected in high crime areas.

After investigation, officers found several bikes behind a dumpster near the back of the store. Thayer said another person may have been involved, and the investigation will be turned over to detectives later on Thursday.

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