UPDATE: RMG Foundry fire investigation

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Fire fighters say they are still far from figuring out exactly what started the fire at the former RMG Foundry building. 

They say that when the walls collapsed they created a barricade; trapping the hot ashes. 

At this point, according to Steve Gregg, Mishawaka Fire Department Fire Marshal, the main focus is making sure the fire does not reignite and get out of control.

Officials say the investigation into this fire will be a long process because of all of the property that was lost; over a hundred boats and vehicles and millions of dollars in damage.

"Different insurance companies have coverage on different parts of the building, from the boats and cars, and RVs, to the actual property owner, they all take care of their own insurance responsibilities." explained Gregg.

Fire officials asks everyone to be patient, they say answers may not start to surface until March.

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