UPDATE: Students could face expulsion for breaking dress code

DOWAGIAC, Mich. -- On Wednesday morning, dozens of students broke the dress code at Dowagiac Union High School, and it could get them expelled. It's a story ABC 57 first brought you Tuesday at 6 p.m. The Confederate flag is at the center of the controversy.

Students wearing t-shirts with the Confederate flag were taken to the Vice Principal's office at Dowagiac Union High School before the first bell rang Wednesday morning.

About 40 students were expected to walk into the school this morning wearing shirts with the Confederate flag ironed on, despite rumors of possible expulsion for those who protested the dress code.

Several students stayed home because of threats posted on Facebook. The Superintendent said Wednesday morning that the threats are not valid.

They say they are taking a stand since nine of their peers were recently disciplined, sent home, or suspended for sporting the Confederate flag.

They insist it isn’t about race, but instead, southern pride. From shirts to belt buckles, the flags have been popping up in the hallways here. Some students have complained and the school says it's been disrupting class, which violates the dress code.

Parents of students who have sported flag say it violates their kids' rights to freely express themselves.

ABC 57's Rachel Glaser is at the school, talking with parents and the Superintendent. We will have more on this story, coming up on ABC57 News at 6 p.m. You can follow her on Twitter for real-time updates.

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