US Consumer Product Safety Commission: 'Do not fill plastic bags with gasoline'

Photo courtesy: USAF / Jason Colbert

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission tweeted out a warning as people around the nation panic-buy gasoline following the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline. They warned against filling plastic bags with gasoline.

The Consumer Safety Commission’s tweet follows images circulating on social media of people using plastic bags to buy and store gasoline, which could be deadly.

Improperly storing gasoline can lead to a fire or explosion. Some plastics are incompatible with gasoline, and vapors from gasoline can be easily ignited by a spark, flame or different type of hot object, according to the National Ag Safety Database.

This isn’t the first time the safety commission has had to warn U.S. residents about using the proper containers to store gasoline. In 2011 they had to warn citizens of the dangers amid a gas shortage and price increases.

The safety commission warns consumers to not store gasoline in plastic and to keep the gasoline in a well-ventilated and cool area. Never store gasoline near a source of ignition and never carry it in the trunk of a car.

Why are we experiencing a gasoline shortage?

The biggest blow to current fuel prices comes from a cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, one of the United States’ largest fuel pipelines. The ransomware attack forced the pipeline offline last Friday, causing gas prices to soar. (more info)

Gasoline prices already tend to increase in the spring and summer as people drive more but fuel supply and demand also affects how much you’ll pay at the pump.

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