US officially blames North Korea for Sony cyber attack, threats

 On Friday, the United States has formally blamed North Korea for the cyber attack and threats against Sony Pictures, and President Obama weighed in, saying “I think they made a mistake.”

He says despite threats made by hackers to attack theaters showing the comedy, Sony's response sets a bad precedent.

“We can't have a society where a dictator some place can impose censorship here in the United States,” says President Obama.

The FBI says they are “very concerned” about the cyber attack and threats on Sony.

Sources say the hackers have contacted Sony again, threatening they have more potentially destructive information they could release, while at the same time praising Sony for pulling the plug on the movie.

“It's a time in a world when we pride ourselves on being able to say whatever we want to say, and satirize whatever we think deserves to be satirized. And now, a gag order,” says film critic Peter Travers.

Hollywood A-lister George Clooney claims he circulated a petition last week asking for other stars to support Sony to ignore the criminals' demands, and release the movie.

He says not one person would sign on, adding, “This is just where we are right now. How scared this industry has been made.”

President Obama promised a proportional response to North Korea; however, he would not specify what options are being considered.

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