Vacant lots to become low-income housing in South Bend

NOW: Vacant lots to become low-income housing in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - 37 vacant South Bend properties will be transformed into 50 new, low-income housing units.

Advantix Development Corporation is building the $13 million project on empty unused lots, currently owned by the city, in northwest and west side neighborhoods.

It hinged on state tax credits from the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, which it earned, along with 16 other projects across the state.

The city says this is the fourth South Bend project to earn this tax credit in less than twelve months, accounting for more than 210 new affordable housing units total and $60 million of investment.

The following is a list of the 37 vacant lots.

911 Sherman Avenue

909 Sherman Avenue

813 N Cleveland Avenue

809 N Cleveland Avenue

737 N Cleveland Avenue

735 N Cleveland Avenue                                               

662 Lawndale Avenue

654 Lawndale Avenue

1217 Van Buren Street

1215 Van Buren Street

1218 Van Buren Street

752 Cleveland Avenue

1216 Van Buren Street

746 N Cleveland Avenue

744 N Cleveland Avenue

716 Sherman Avenue

702 Sherman Avenue

632 Sherman Avenue

1014 Lindsey Street

630 Sherman Avenue

622 Sherman Avenue

1411 Linden Avenue

744 Harrison Avenue

740 Harrison Avenue

736 Harrison Avenue

1202 Huey Street

1322 N Brookfield Street

1030 Obrien Street

2518 Linden Avenue

2506 Linden Avenue

630 Johnson Street

641 N Brookfield Street

2606 W Colfax Avenue

218 S Meade Street

622 W Marion Street

620 W Marion Street

618 W Marion Street

425 Leland Avenue

421 Leland Avenue

419 Leland Avenue

901 Blaine Avenue

905 Blaine Avenue

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