Vendor brings 1.5 tons of jelly beans to the Marshall County Blueberry Fest

NOW: Vendor brings 1.5 tons of jelly beans to the Marshall County Blueberry Fest

Thousands of people are traveling to Plymouth for Labor Day weekend to get in on the fun at the 52nd annual Marshall County Blueberry Festival.

“If the weather is good, we’ll probably have between 4 and 500,000 people here, that’s a normal Blueberry Festival for us,” Blueberry Fest President Phil Martin said.

At this year's fest there are over 290 craft vendors and 130 food vendors to choose from.

It's easy to miss a few of the tents up at Centennial Park but there is one thing you can't miss -- even if you tried

Visitors said talked to at the fest are most excited for "The Beast" -- an educational exhibit featuring a blow up lizard with life-like inside.

“It is 277 feet, so, almost the length of a football field walk, walking through a maze, of what would be the inside of a lizard,” Jeff Sthalhut said, owner of The Beast.

The Beast is a hit with the younger crowd, along with the candy of course.

Stacey Howell of Wakarusa Jelly Beans said they brought 1.5 tons of jelly beans out to the Blueberry Fest. And that they will sell every piece of candy.

“That’s our goal is to sell out , we have come pretty close to selling out every year,” Howell said. “We’ve had a lady from Missouri drive here looking for Jelly Beans.”

You can find just about anything you'll want or need at the festival but officials said there's one thing you shouldn't leave at home.

“Please bring your patience because it will be packed, weather permitting, it will be packed, come here and enjoy yourselves, we’re here to make sure you have an enjoyable weekend,” Martin said.

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