Video shot by suspect shows moments before he was shot by a Goshen police officer

NOW: Video shot by suspect shows moments before he was shot by a Goshen police officer

GOSHEN, Ind. -- A Facebook live video was taken by a suspect as he led Goshen Police on a wild 40 minute chase this week before being shot by one of the officers.

Joshua Perry can be heard telling family members he loves them, then shouting and cursing at police in the video, even daring them to open fire.

Joshua’s family claims he did not have a gun on him during the chase but he was no stranger to the law.

He had two warrants out for his arrest when officers tried to pull him over for a traffic violation that eventually led to the lengthy chase.

 “Shoot me b****! I can’t do this s*** no more. Over child support, child support man," Perry said in the video.

In the video, it sounds like he begins to say his goodbyes to loved ones with sirens still sounding in the background.

 “Mom, I love you. My baby moms, I love you. My babies, I love you the most,” Perry said in the live video.  “This is my funeral procession!”

Joshua's family told ABC57 he had trouble with child support payments having been arrested multiple times for contempt of court and his two outstanding warrants were related to missed payments.

He even shared his frustration over his two sons live during the pursuit.

“I just want to work to see my f******g kids man!” Perry said.

Police say officers used stopsticks to bring Joshua’s car to a stop.

After police finally managed to stop Joshua’s car, reports say “an incident occurred” leading Lt. Michael McCormack to fire his weapon.

“When the car stops, this ain’t over, they’re gonna try to kill me today. They’re gonna try to take out this last tire,” Perry says in the video
Now, the officer is on paid leave as per department procedure while Joshua is in the hospital, having been shot in the jaw and arm by McCormack.

As for Joshua’s family, they’re thankful he’s alive but they say they still can’t understand why the officer fired his weapon.

Joshua does face preliminary charges for resisting arrest with a vehicle after that chase. Police say the injuries he suffered were non-life threatening.

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