Video shows more flooding problems at Lathrop and Riverside

NOW: Video shows more flooding problems at Lathrop and Riverside

SOUTH BEND, Ind. —- A video from Monday shows a part of Lathrop Place near Riverside Drive underneath feet of water. 

South Bend Department of Public Works completed a small drainage project in the area in May. Neighbors made reports of concerns about constant flooding after any rain event. 

“15 years living here, this is the worst I’ve ever seen it,” said Pat Sovinski, who lives behind Lathrop Place. 

Sovinski said about two feet of water gathered on the street on Monday after 20 minutes of raining. He said the water went over the road, into several backyards, and into his home’s crawl space. 

Public Works added a drainage swale and upgraded the catch basin this month. Sovinski said since they made the improvements the street hasn’t flooded during rain events, until Monday evening. 

“I just honestly think that it was too much rain too fast,” he said. 

The total rainfall after Monday’s storm in South Bend was 1.77”.  

According to the department’s website, Lathrop from Parkview to Riverside is set to be re-paved this year. Sovinski said he believe the department will create a slant directing the water away from the homes. 

ABC 57 News reached out to the Department of Public Works. South Bend Common Councilman Tim Scott sent the following statement: 

“All I can say is, I don’t believe all the improvements on Lathrop is not yet completed and we had a large amount of rain in one event. There was temporary street flooding around the entire city due to the one rain event. I will talk with Engineering tomorrow to understand this event’ but we have seen successful improvements on Lathrop, which has been a flooding issue for 50 years.”

Sovinski said he is hopeful the City will be proactive in solving this issue and other flooding issues in the area. 

“We’re not the only place,” said Sovinski. “I know there are other places having issues it’s just bad engineering from 50 years ago.”

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