Village Green settles trash bill

NOW: Village Green settles trash bill

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- On Wednesday, Village Green paid $73,804.52 to pay off a trash bill. Trash service will be restored to Village Green Mobile Home Community beginning on March 19. 

Neighbors were stunned over the news.

"Absolutely surprised," said Keya Huffer.

“I was shocked," said Justine Singleton. "From what they were saying, they made it seem like they weren’t paying it at all.”

The payment came in around 12:14 p.m. on Wednesday according to Geoffrey Spiess. Mishawaka Utilities received a payment via wire of $73,804.52 from Village Green. The payment covers past due amounts for trash service and brings them current for trash service only. 

This move confirmed by the Village Green property owner Daniel Wainstein.

"That was paid today," said Wainstein. 

Residents are happy their trash will be picked up starting March 19, but another unpaid bill leaves them worried. 

"The trash is one thing but the water is another thing," said Huffer. 

Last week, Mishawaka Utilities sent a letter to homeowners. It said water service would be shut off if a water and sewer bill isn’t paid by April 12. 

"The trash is neither here nor there," said Singleton. "Like what about the water? I’m eight months pregnant. I can’t afford to move because I don’t have water."

Wainstein said they still have questions about the bill, but a deal with the utility company is near. 

"We’re working it out," said Wainstein. "We’re actually very close to figuring it out.”

Residents hope that’s the truth, since the alternative threatens their homes. 

"There's elderly people, disabled people, people with children, pregnant people, not all of us have somewhere to go," said Huffer. "The water bill if it gets shut off, there’s 400 plus people that are just out of luck." 

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