Volunteers stories at the Kitchen Aid Senior PGA tournament

BENTON HARBOR, Mich – This year marks the fourth Kitchen Aid Senior PGA tournament in Benton Harbor, and it wouldn’t be possible without the volunteers.

The tournament has over 1,700 volunteers of all ages.

Of those 1,700 volunteers approximately 40% volunteered at every Senior PGA tournament in Benton Harbor.

From assisting the golfers, media and making sure everything runs smoothly, they do it all.

“Being a four time volunteer for myself has been very rewarding because in 2012 it was this brand new thing and we were very excited and just came in with a lot of optimism and it exceeded our expectations” said Four time volunteer Doug Schaffer.

Not only the volunteers, but people like Kerry Wright who’ve been involved with the event plan on being at the event again in 2020.

“Just like with anything the more you do it the better you get at it and it seems like every year the event gets better and better” Wright said.

The events organizers said they've already had 800 volunteers sign up for the 2020 tournament.

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