Vote postponed for home game lawn parking ordinance

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- The vote is postponed until Monday, September 9th on the Notre Dame football lawn parking ordinance. Common council member Derek Dieter told those in the meeting they should come back then if they want to voice their opinions on the matter.

No lawn parking without a permit. That's the conclusion from Monday night’s common council meeting. Many residents left upset, saying this leaves them in a tricky situation for this Saturday’s home game.

"Don't let your tires touch the grass" is the running joke with residents in Wooded Estates, the neighborhood bordered by Edison Road and South Bend Avenue.

"Six days a year, you live in fear of $100 fine,” said Dan Young, started petition against parking permit ordinance.

Dan Young's got better things to do with $100, but he's paid the tickets before, often when people he doesn't even know park in his yard.

"When the tires meet the grass, you have a $100 fine,” said Young.

There are ways around it: pay for a permit, pour more concrete or add gravel.

"So I would qualify with gravel? I'm sorry about this our taste calls for brick pavers,” said Carlo Calabrese, father of middle linebacker Carlo Calabrese.

He said he's proof the city gives no preferential treatment when it comes to parking. He'll be sure to remind his son, Irish player number 44, to park in the driveway if he stops by after the game for a midnight snack.

"I just purchased eight parking spots from the city. It cost me $3 per car, per game, so that comes to $24 per game, 6 games. Do the math. Roughly $150."

Tack on a $50 administration fee and congratulations- you can park your car on the property you already pay taxes on. That's why Young went around and asked 64 Wooded Estates residents to sign a petition to repeal the law- 56 people signed it. Calabrese will sign it next.

"I have better things to do on a game day than have yard parking on my yard,” said Young. “My concern is some bone head decides to park in my driveway and doesn't park correctly according to the city it can cost me $100."

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