Voter registration deadline for Indiana's May primary

SOUTH BEND, Ind -- The deadline for voters to register for the May 3rd primary is Monday night.

In some races, the primary determines who is on the ballot in November.

"We have the May primary coming up on the 3rd of May and we have deadlines. One of our big deadlines is the voter registration deadline," said Republican board member for voter registration Kimberly Riskovitch.

The deadline to register to vote is 11:59 p.m. Monday. Click here to register to vote before the deadline.

"On that website you can also see who’s going to be on your ballot, request an absentee, or find out where your nearest vote center is. There’s a lot of tools on that website," said Riskovitch.

St. Joseph County districts changed for this election, so voters are encouraged to check which district they are in before voting.

"Someone may be voting for district D and in the past then have actually been moved to district C so on their ballot instead of reflecting the district they are use to, it will reflect a different district. Their representative they have however will remain their representative until the end of their term and then whomever they elect in will then take over at that point," said Riskovitch.

Early voting will start Tuesday at the County-City building in South Bend.

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