Wakarusa Dime Store unveils new jelly bean in honor of the Silver Hawks

WAKARUSA, Ind. -- Baseball season is just around the corner!

You'll be able to enjoy all of your ballpark favorites, soon enough -- Hot dogs, popcorn, and… jelly beans?

That's right, the Silver Hawks and the Wakarusa Dime Store are teaming up to bring you a tasty new treat at The Cove.

On Thursday, the dime store unveiled a new flavor of jelly beans in honor of the Silver Hawks -- cotton candy!

The store's owner thinks it will be a big hit with fans!

"I'd say it's a home-run hit! It's going to be a great flavor and it's worth the drive to try it,” said Deb McNally, the Owner of the Wakarusa Dime Store.

McNally said there will also be a lemon-lime flavor speckled yellow and green in honor of the team.

If you'd like to try either of the new flavors, you can stop by the Wakarusa or Mishawaka location for a free sample, or buy a bag for yourself.

Come baseball season, fans can buy them in treat stands at the stadium.

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