Walkout halts education board meeting in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS -- There were fireworks at the State Board of Education meeting in Indianapolis when the state's superintendent stopped the meeting and stormed out of the room.

Glenda Ritz abruptly left the meeting after board member Brad Oliver introduced a resolution that dealt with students' readiness for colleges and careers.

Ritz said the resolution was illegal because it was created by the governor's new education agency.

"It was publicized as part of the agenda. I didn't know that she was going to rule it as an unacceptable motion," said Oliver.

"There's a lot of conflict and I attribute it solely not to the members of the board actually, but to the CECI staff that have been hired to oversee my agency and how things work," said Ritz.

Board members may try to have an emergency meeting over the next few weeks to discuss the situation.

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