Walorski tours St. Joseph County VA

NOW: Walorski tours St. Joseph County VA

MISHAWAKA, Ind.--- US Representative Jackie Walorski spent time Wednesday touring the St. Joseph County Branch of the Department of Veterans' Affairs. Walorski praised the efforts the VA has taken to continue to provide healthcare to veterans during the pandemic.

After the pandemic began, the St. Joseph County VA placed an emphasis on telehealth and virtual consultations with veterans.

"What we started to do was have video calls with our patients and do assessments face to face," said William Fox, Deputy Medial Director for the St. Joseph County VA. 

The VA says its now focused on making telehealth more accessible and user friendly for older veterans. 

"The veterans knew that we were ready to fight this pandemic and they knew that this place was ready to get them to come in either face to face or through the VVC," said Eddie Anjos, the St. Joseph County VA's Operation Director.

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