Warm and windy today, cold tomorrow

NOW: Warm and windy today, cold tomorrow

Temperatures are starting in the 40's, more than 10 degrees above average, with warm weather to continue through the day. We'll be making a run for 60 this afternoon, but windy conditions will make it feel cooler than that. Wind gusts could exceed 30 mph at times. A cold front will be moving our way throughout the day, bringing us those windy conditions as well as showers this evening. Those showers will develop into the line of rain with the potential to see a few isolated storms overnight. We'll stay breezy heading into tomorrow following the cold front with much colder temps on the way also starting tomorrow. A bit of sunshine should return by Thursday, although temperatures will still be in the 30's.

Today: Cloudy and windy. Showers in the evening. High 60.
Tonight: Rainy and windy. Few isolated storms are possible. Low 28.
Wednesday: Mostly cloudy and windy. High 32.
Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 36.

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