Warming Trend: Temperatures could near record highs for the weekend

Update DEC 9th: Two records will likely be tied or broken Saturday. The warmest low (46°) is likely to be broken, the record high (62°) could be tied or broken. The warmest low for Sunday morning could also be in jeopardy. 

Update DEC 8th: Model runs continue to show a warm-up through Saturday. Rain now expected to hold off until Sunday increases the likelihood of near record highs. Looking at the record book, it's not just the warmest high that could be broken, also the warmest overnight low. 

When you think 50s warm, might not be the first descriptions that comes to mind. However it's warm for December, by this weekend temperatures could be pushing 60 degrees. 

Temperatures will be on a gradual rise through the week. Ranging for 10 to 20 degrees above normal as temperatures warm from the 40s to the 50s going into the weekend. 50s are not unheard of for December but 60s are record territory. Right now Saturday will be the day to highlight the possibility of tying any records as of now.  

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