Warren Kluck off the air after accident

South Bend Police say Warren Kluck was arrested early Wednesday morning for allegedly leaving the scene of an accident and driving while intoxicated. The radio station says he will be off the air the rest of the week.

Kluck is the co-host of The Jason Lee and Kluck Show which airs in the mornings on 103.9 the Bear.

The station's parent company, Federated Media, sent us a written statement regarding Kluck.

He is recuperating and will be off the air the rest of the week.
Ron Stryker, Program Director of WRBR

A statement from Kluck was posted to the Bear's Facebook page.

Tuesday night after a long motorcycle ride with friends, I was involved in a motorcycle accident. Hopping a curb and crashing into a stop sign, then left the scene to go home. I'm truly lucky to have survived any serious harm to myself or anyone else, my helmet most likely saved my life. Pending results of the crash investigation, I'll be off the air and recuperating. Thank you for your support - Warren Kluck

Police said the injuries to Kluck's face visible in the mugshot were a result of the accident.

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