Warsaw police officer resigns after allegations of relationship with teen

WARSAW, Ind. -- Patrol officer Timothy Whitright resigned today after accusations surfaced that he was having an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old girl.

Tonight the Board of Public Safety approved the resignation of officer Whitright after Chief of Police Scott Whitaker recommended to the board that he be dismissed from the Warsaw Police Department immediately.

Whitright gave a letter of resignation after accusations surfaced he was having an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old girl from Warsaw Community High School.

Chief Whitaker says he was personally told of the allegations on Friday. Over the weekend he suspended Whitright with paid while an investigation was conducted.

The findings led the Chief to recommend in the board meeting tonight that Whitright be dismissed from the Warsaw Police Department for violating department polices. 

"We are doing a complete and thorough investigation that’s criminal in nature at this point. We are going to do our due diligence and we are not going to do anything that could potentially spoil the prosecutor’s case," Whitaker.

The investigation alleges that Whitright met the girl while working security at the local high school. Whitright is said to have sent the girl several inappropriate text messages and on one occasion even met the girl at a friend’s how where the two kissed.

"Well, obviously anything of this nature is shocking, disappointing and disheartening, but that goes without being said," Whitaker.

During the meeting, the Chief told the board that the investigation is far from over, which means Whitright could be facing criminal charges.

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