Warsaw rescue facility under scrutiny for poor condition of animals

WARSAW, Ind. - A local Facebook post is garnering a lot of concern, showing what appears to be pigs, dogs, cats, horses, and other animals living in filthy conditions at a nonprofit rescue facility in Warsaw.

The sign outside Isaiah 11 Ministry says animal rescue, counseling, and mental health.

The owner says their mission is using animal therapy for children experiencing trauma, but ABC57 received multiple tips claiming the animals are not being taken care of.

Outrage was seen across social media after the photos showing animals living among filth and feces went viral. One mother, whose daughter was a volunteer, says she’s felt that anger for years.

Sharing horror stories of what she says really goes on at the nonprofit.

However, the owner, Linda Ozier, denies any accusations of abuse, but does admit a lack of volunteers and donations have created the mess.

“My heart goes out to animals and people and especially those who had a hard time in life, especially those that come from trauma and that’s what we see after all the time.  And so, like that someone made a comment about our goats' horns being twisted. Well, that’s how he came to us,” said Ozier.

Kosciusko County Animal Control was out at the site Friday.

They said they are working with the owner to make a number of changes involving sanitation, the animals' living conditions, and making sure they are eating enough of the right food.

The Humane Society reached out to Ozier saying they will take in cats and kittens living inside cages in a trailer on the property.

Ozier said they are free to roam once they are spayed and neutered.

“The property's a mess, I explained to someone, 'Yeah the property's neglected the animals are not,'” said Ozier.

However, multiple people that spoke to ABC57 do not think those changes will be made, arguing this is not the first time this has happened.

Taking in animals is one thing, taking proper care of them is another.

“Handling it is not okay, she keeps taking in more than she can handle,” added Melissa Villa, whose daughter spent months as a volunteer for Isaiah 11.

The animals living at the site are available for adoption. We spoke to women who have already taken in the horses seen in the photos.

One woman says her horse was not properly fed while being boarded at the facility, a service that is also offered.


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