Warsaw restaurant staying open to help feed locals during snowstorm

NOW: Warsaw restaurant staying open to help feed locals during snowstorm

WARSAW, Ind. ---- As most businesses prepared to brace the storm of the season by shutting down, one family-owned restaurant has stayed open through it all.

If you took a walk anywhere in Downtown Warsaw during this storm you’d see closed signs, but owners over at Rex’s Rendezvous tell me it’s family tradition to always stay open even if its snowing.

Robin Watters is known in the community of Warsaw for never calling off from work — not even on his birthday. So you can imagine on a week like this, the snow didn’t stop the business owner from opening for his customers.

“Well people have gotten to know our family and they always know that we’re gonna be open. During the blizzard of 78 we was the only place open for 3 days its just known that I’ll be here," said Watters.

Despite braving the snowy conditions himself, Watters asked his employees to stay safe at home — deciding to hold down the kitchen and bar solo.

“I’ve had a lot of people who are working and coming in. And, a lot of carry out. We do door dash of course, so I’ve had quite a few door dash orders," said Watters.

Some of his customers they just came in to enjoy some drinks with friends, but for others lunch at Rex’s is part of their daily routine - even in a snowstorm.

And when asked if there was anything that would ever cause him not come to work, he says nothing comes to mind.

“I was here the 7 weeks that we shut down for COVID working on my place and remodeling. Doing things. I mean, I’m gonna be here. People know that I’m gonna be here," said Watters.

They will stay open for business until midnight throughout the storm.

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