Watch for falling icicles this week

NOW: Watch for falling icicles this week


With this week's warm up, snow is getting slushy across Michiana. There's one winter hazard that's still hanging around (literally).

Now is a good time to remind everyone to watch for icicles - specifically falling icicles. Many have formed on buildings through the winter, and a lot are starting to fall.

Icicles on this apartment are several feet long

Here's what shattered icicles look like after falling on the pavement.

Icicles can be pretty to look at, but it's a good idea to carefully knock down any that are on your home. Any sort of overhang, like a gutter, are a great place for icicles to form on buildings. Better to take them down now, than face a falling icicle later.

Vahid Sadrzadeh

If the icicles are too high to remove, look up before you go in or out of the building. Remind your kids too, and watch that your pets don't go near them.

One final reminder - just like a falling icicle can be dangerous to people, it can also be unfortunate for cars. Don't park under any overhangs that might have icicles on them.

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